What’s the Best Local Cannabis Dispensary in Portland?

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Looking for the best local cannabis dispensary in Portland? It’s not easy to figure out when there are so many to choose from, but perhaps some questions to consider will make it easier to decide.

Here are some things to consider:

What do other people say? 

After a handful of early reviews that are probably from family and friends, the rest of the online dispensary reviews are likely from legitimate local sources in Portland or from visitors and contain good information about what you can expect to find. 

How does their menu look online?

Before you even stop in to a local Portland dispensary, does it look like they have a good variety of products? Is there some depth in each category or just one choice? Are some of your favorite dispensary brands represented? It’s a great way to get a feel before you even visit to make sure it will be a worthwhile trip.

How is the actual local dispensary?

Does it appear clean? Was it easy to find parking, which can be tricky in Portland? Are the products easily accessible? Does the dispensary have good and easy-to-read labeling?

How are the dispensary budtenders?

Are the budtenders helpful and friendly? Are there enough dispensary personnel to offer timely advice? Do you feel like you don’t have to rush and can take the time to really have your questions answered at the dispensaries you are considering in Portland? These are all good signs of a dispensary you can consider the best. If there is good staff, chances are it’s a good place to work with little turnover, which is a good sign for you.

Are the products of good value?

Once you’re there, does this local Portland dispensary seem to have fair pricing for what is offered compared to other local dispensaries? The area of town may influence the cost a bit because of differences in rent, but if that is a consideration for you, just be aware of it.

What kind of quality is the flower?

Does it appear ultra fresh? Are you able to examine it closely for color and fragrance? 

If a local dispensary in Portland passes all these criteria for you, then congratulations – you have found your best local dispensary!


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