What is a Highly Rated Marijuana Dispensary in Portland, Oregon?

Oregon Marijuana Dispensaries

To determine a highly-rated maarijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon you first have to determine what is most important to you since different criteria will matter more to each person. And since marijuana consumption is generally a fairly personal decision, prioritizing different aspects will be personal as well.

Some questions to consider as you figure out which ones are highly rated marijuana dispensaries in Portland, Oregon include:

How convenient is the marijuana dispensary?

Portland, Oregon is a fairly large area – do you put convenience at the top of the factors related to a highly-rated marijuana dispensary or do some other aspects rank higher for you?

How well stocked is the dispensary?

Is there enough product in each category so you have a good number of choices? A broader selection will generally give you more price points to choose from as well.

Are the products of good value?

If you visit more than one marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon you probably know how your favorites stack up. If you’re new to the area or visiting, it’s hard to compare with other locations because there are so many factors to consider including overhead based on the location, proximity to product, general finish out that might lead to higher prices, etc. So value too can be a relative and subjective term but we’ll take it to mean do you think the cost is fair for what you’re getting in return for the actual product and the intangible benefits that go along with it?

Are the budtenders friendly and knowledgeable?

Friendly is great – but knowledge about the products and being able to give good advice is paramount in order for a marijuana dispensary to qualify highly rated in Portland, Oregon.

When you combine everything, and assuming they’re all important when determining a highly-rated marijuana dispensary, then Buzz Box on Powell Street in Portland definitely sits at the top of the list and sets a high standard. With a welcoming ambiance featuring distinctive black and white flooring, a great staff, wonderfully curated products at good prices, Buzz Box checks all the boxes!


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