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The use and possession of recreational cannabis for people above 21 years were legalized in the state of Oregon in July 2015. During the coronavirus pandemic, the cannabis industry in Oregon witnessed a huge spike in demand for the product. Thanks to the gradual increase in the number of cannabis dispensaries in the region. Portland plays a crucial role in the legalized cannabis market, where independent agencies like Buzz Box are thriving. Buzz Box is a leading cannabis dispensary in Portland.

Since the cannabis industry in Portland is maturing, the push to federally regulate the product is also gaining momentum. Also, the local consumption of cannabis is driving rapid market growth. Small shops in the city are merging into chains, while brands are growing in large numbers. Interestingly, small-scale consumers are driving enormous sales as they find it easy to stop by a cannabis dispensary for a vape, joint or edible.

Portland – The Epicenter of Oregon’s Cannabis Market

Cannabis consumers, mainly in Portland, take cannabis retail settings more sincerely. After all, the cannabis dispensaries in the city have various traits like themes, legacies, ambiance, and more. Thanks to the prominence of cannabis education and the farm-to-table agricultural philosophy of Portland, that has helped the industry become the safest and quite interesting. 

Experts believe that the cannabis market will become more streamlined, not only for regular buyers but also for people who have not used cannabis before. Hence the market will be more conventional, and buying cannabis will feel more like shopping for food or beverages in Portland.

The Leading Cannabis dispensary in Portland

Buzz Box is an independent MED & REC dispensary located in Portland, Oregon. The dispensary takes special care in curating a range of high-quality brands including, Laurie + Marie Jane, Higher Cultures, Hapi Kitchen, Meraki Gardens, Artifact Extracts, among others, at the best prices in the town. The shop has a segregated medical and recreational menu containing local favorites, in addition to a robust collection of flowers, edibles, oils, pre-rolls, vapes, and much more.

Whether you are new to cannabis, or a familiar consumer, Buzz Box approaches cannabis with the same passion, authenticity, and resilience to provide the best customer experiences with the best cannabis products in the market. You can procure medical and recreational products on their online store or at the brick-and-mortar store located in SE Powell Boulevard in Portland.


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