The Best Cannabis Dispensary in Portland – Buzz Box

Looking for your perfect cannabis dispensary in Portland to source medical or recreational cannabis? BuzzBox on 6611 SE Powell Boulevard, Portland, Oregon, is your place to go. It is an independent cannabis dispensary helping the people of Portland choose from a wide variety of products. 

BuzzBox takes extra care in sourcing and curating a wide selection of high-quality options. It caters to both the customer segments of people who are new to cannabis and well-versed enough to know what exactly they are looking for. 

BuzzBox Specials

Daily specials include the categories of flowers, edibles, and extract/concentrates. The shop is open for customers seven days a week, between 10 am and 8 pm. You can choose the exact lineage you want your product to come from. You get a wide range for your THC potency that can vary between 0% and 91%. The CBD potency varies from 0% to 47%. 

Apart from the daily specials of flower, edible, or extract, you also get vape products, pre-rolled ones, and ones that come in the form of tinctures. The price floats between below $20 to $80 and above, depending on the exact varieties you seek for. You can buy the product at a weight of half a gram to as high as an ounce. 

Overall, Buzzbox has it all. No matter what your budget is, how concentrated you want your CBD to be, or how potent you want your product to be in terms of THC, you will get the perfect blend at your disposal. 

The Vendors

BuzzBox sources its products from a variety of vendors. The available brand includes Artifact Extracts, Beehive Extracts, Celadon Cannabis, Dab Factory, East Fork Cultivars, etc. The medical and recreational products offer the same range of CBD or THC potency. In terms of product line variation, the specials come under the recreational menu, with substantial discounts. The Higher Cultures products have 20% off on them, while the Fruity Pebbles, LA Kush Cake, or the Pineapple Upside Down cake fetch you as high a rebate as 30%. 

You can procure products from Buzzbox both online and offline. As for payment, you can pay with your American Express card, Visa, or Mastercard. The shop also accepts payment by Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, cash, or check. To make the life of traveling visitors easy, BuzzBox also accepts payment by Traveler’s Check. 

BuzzBox is a fitting addition to the vibrant, passionate, authentic, and resilient culture of Portland. If you are visiting Portland and interested in recreational or medical cannabis, BuzzBox is a place not to miss. 


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