How Do I Choose Among Medical Cannabis Dispensaries?

Marijuana Dispensary oregon portland

Medical cannabis dispensaries should meet basic needs such as good variety, fair price, value, quality of staff and pleasant surroundings. But they should go beyond just the basics if they are to become a truly valued partner for health.

For example, a medical cannabis dispensary that offers cannabis products for sale should be willing to show the cannabis products to customers. There may be a separate area in the cannabis dispensary where customers can see and smell cannabis flowers, marijuana buds and cannabis extracts.

Team members at medical cannabis dispensaries should also be well versed in not just what is available, but what the different effects are, especially for those new to cannabis who are hoping to find real relief from medical cannabis for a variety of symptoms. The value of team member knowledge at a medical cannabis dispensary cannot be underestimated, as their guidance can be invaluable in ensuring customers leave with the correct solution for their particular issue.

Under the category of value, it’s often possible to find a medical cannabis dispensary that offers a variety of specials, which means you can save even more by shopping on a particular day of the week, or when specials related to what you need are advertising. For example, Buzz Box recreational/medical cannabis dispensary in Portland offers specials each day that include edibles on Mondays, vapes on Tuesday and so on for Topicals, Flower, Prerolls and Dabs. 

For variety, the more brands the better so there is a wide choice within each category. At Buzz Box in Portland, for example, there are more than 70 different brands represented among the products offered.

If you can find a medical cannabis dispensary that meets all of these criteria, and its location is convenient for you, then you will have a great resource for your medicinal cannabis needs.


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