Great Filters Add to Shopping Enjoyment at Cannabis Stores

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Shopping online prior to visiting cannabis stores can be overwhelming, with most stores offering a myriad of products, and featuring limited sorting, beyond perhaps brand. Of course, brand is a great start, but what if you’re ready to branch out and want to understand the options? It’s not unlike choosing a movie on a streaming service. You can spend more time scrolling through hundreds of options before just giving up and moving on.

However, BuzzBox cannabis store in Portland has some great filters that allow you to customize your search so you can be presented with curated items that fit your criteria.

You can start with “deals” if you like but many opt to begin with what they’re looking to achieve. Some of the activity options include “Ease my mind”, “Get relief”, Get active”, “Get some sleep” and “Stimulate my mind”. Want something a little more general? Choose from “Relaxed”, “Blissful”, “Pain free”, “Energetic” or “Creative”, among others.

After that, you can see what’s offered under your selected categories, or refine the search further with a desired price point, weight, and/or brand if you know it. Discounts for veterans and those in the industry can also add to the savings.

We opted for “Relaxed” under $20 and were presented with eight great options, including Indica Elderberry and other flavors of 1:1 CBN & THC Gummies by WYLD that were discounted 15% off, some yummy soda options by Magic Number, Indica Chill Fudge Bar with 50mg THC by Laurie + MaryJane and more.


And don’t forget related products carried by this cannabis store like bath bombs, lip balm, bath botanicals and a peppermint and juniper CBD-infused lotion from Empower.


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