Local Cannabis Dispensary in Portland

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In the U.S., cannabis dispensaries are local government-regulated physical stores in which a consumer can buy cannabis and related products for medicinal or recreational purposes. Traditionally, medical cannabis dispensaries allow patients to receive cannabis as per recommendations given by doctors to patients for managing the symptoms of some medical conditions. On the other hand, recreational […]

Top Cannabis Dispensary in Portland

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The use and possession of recreational cannabis for people above 21 years were legalized in the state of Oregon in July 2015. During the coronavirus pandemic, the cannabis industry in Oregon witnessed a huge spike in demand for the product. Thanks to the gradual increase in the number of cannabis dispensaries in the region. Portland […]

The Best Cannabis Dispensary in Portland – Buzz Box

Looking for your perfect cannabis dispensary in Portland to source medical or recreational cannabis? BuzzBox on 6611 SE Powell Boulevard, Portland, Oregon, is your place to go. It is an independent cannabis dispensary helping the people of Portland choose from a wide variety of products.  BuzzBox takes extra care in sourcing and curating a wide […]

Cannabis connoisseurs in Portland have a great new cannabis dispensary option

Cannabis connoisseurs in Portland now have a new dispensary option with the opening of Buzz Box. Located on Powell Street near SE 69th Avenue, Buzz Box is open seven days a week from 10am until 8pm and approaches cannabis with the same passion, authenticity, and resilience that the Pacific Northwest was built on. Their goal […]

Buzz Box – The Go-To Cannabis Dispensary in Portland

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Are you looking to purchase cannabis but don’t know where to go? Then, you are not alone. Cannabis is widely used in the United States, and many states have legalized the recreational or medical use of marijuana. Thousands of people are looking for legal cannabis dispensaries in their area. There are many ways to buy […]

An In-Depth Guide on Cannabis Dispensary

A cannabis dispensary or a shop is a location at which cannabis/marijuana products and accessories are sold. Customers will find two types of dispensaries- medical and recreational. In the United States, depending on local laws and regulations, medical cannabis dispensaries typically cater to patients 18 years and older, while recreational cannabis dispensaries typically cater to […]

Local Cannabis Dispensary – The Best Place to Buy Cannabis

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Have you ever thought a day would come when you will have a legal option to buy cannabis? Well, it has become a reality now! You can find one of the best cannabis dispensaries in the Portland area for your medical and recreational cannabis needs.  If you are from Portland, you must be wondering how […]

Buzz Box – The Best Cannabis Dispensary in Portland

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If you are looking for that one cannabis dispensary in Portland, Oregon, where you will definitely get the exact product you need, Buzz Box is your place. It offers a wide range of high-quality options at the most competitive prices in the city. Whether you are new to cannabis products or a pro at selecting […]

Best Cannabis Dispensary in Portland

Cannabis is legal in Oregon for both medical and recreational use. The Oregon Health Authority allows adults aged 21 and older to possess and consume cannabis for recreation within specified limits, and the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act allows medical use of cannabis for qualifying medical conditions. The data from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission highlights […]