Cannabis Products You Can Buy In Oregon Marijuana Dispensaries

Oregon Marijuana Dispensaries

Cannabis Products You Can Buy In Oregon Marijuana Dispensaries

Cannabis Products You Can Buy In Oregon Marijuana Dispensaries

Oregon was one of the first US states to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, and among the pioneers in decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of cannabis. The state legalized recreational cannabis in 2014, allowing Oregonians 21 and over to use recreational cannabis. 

With these relaxed regulations, Oregonians or tourists visiting the state can purchase various cannabis products from licensed Oregon marijuana dispensaries. Here are the products you are likely to find in Oregon. 


Due to the relaxed cannabis regulations, Oregon marijuana dispensaries stock both hemp and marijuana CBD oil for recreational and medical use. Whether you use CBD oil to tackle health problems like inflammation, seizures, neurodegenerative disorders, anxiety, or pain, you can find licensed marijuana dispensaries in Oregon, where you can buy the CBD oil brand you like. 

The guiding principle should be to find licensed Oregon marijuana dispensaries whose products meet the industry quality standards.  Here are some tips when shopping for CBD oil in Oregon:

  • Purchase from brands that test their CBD oil in a laboratory. Lab-tested CBD oil is often free of contaminants and is of high quality.
  • Choose full-spectrum CBD oil which is derived from the entire plant, thus containing valuable elements that enhance the effects of CBD oil. 
  • Choose CBD oils that are derived through CO2 extraction as the process ensures that the CBD produced is free from contaminants.
  • Choose recreation cannabis dispensaries in Oregon that sell organic, non-GMO CBD oils

Cannabis Edibles 

Consumption of cannabis edibles is legal in Oregon for medical and recreational use. As a recreational user, you can eat edibles with a maximum of 50mg at a time while medical users are allowed edibles with up to 100 mg of cannabis. 

The main reason Oregon regulates the amount of THC in edibles is to prevent overconsumption, as THC takes longer to enter the body’s system and produce effects. You can choose to purchase edibles from Oregon marijuana dispensaries for several reasons:

  • Edibles allow for discrete consumption unlike smoking
  • Some users report more pronounced effects compared to smoking
  • Edibles are tastier 
  • Edibles are a healthy option for those with respiratory conditions (edibles do not irritate the lungs) or who would rather not smoke.

As with CBD oils, edibles are highly regulated to ensure safety and high quality, therefore, you should purchase your edibles from a licensed Oregon marijuana dispensary

Here are some tips to keep in mind when purchasing cannabis edibles:

  • Identify the type of edible you would like (gummies, chocolate, cookies)
  • Look for nutritional facts including the presence of allergens, calories, sugar content, fat, THC content, etc.
  • Check the cannabinoid formulation based on the experience you are looking for
  • Look for securely packaged products 

Cannabis Beverages 

While it is illegal to drink cannabis-infused alcohol, you can still enjoy cannabis beverages such as cannabis-infused soft drinks, teas, coffees, or water. 

CBD beverages are made from CBD extracted from leaves, resins, and leaves of the marijuana plant. Cannabis beverages are a popular option for several reasons:

  • They are more socially acceptable compared to alcohol, smoking, or vaping 
  • They are healthier
  • It is possible to reduce the dosage in each drink, thus enjoying the benefits without getting too high.

Hemp-derived beverages in Oregon must be tested before being sold in any recreational cannabis dispensaries in Oregon

Finding the Best Marijuana Products

Whether you are a recreational or medical user, Oregon marijuana dispensaries are an ideal place to buy high-quality CBD products ranging from flowers, oils, beverages, edibles, and vapes. To get started, browse through our wide selection of cannabis products


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