Buzz Box is a new cannabis dispensary in Portland, Oregon with a great selection of products

In the market for a new cannabis dispensary? It’s always good to visit new arrivals and understand what they have to offer. One of the newest cannabis dispensaries on the scene in Portland is Buzz Box on Powell Street.

Featuring a snazzy black and white floor that sets the tone for the crisp service you’ll receive, Buzz Box cannabis dispensary pays homage to Portland’s extensive and current standing in the music industry, known for its original artists and their continuing contributions. And just like Portland’s music scene, Buzz Box is a true original, with something fresh and new to offer.

Customers will appreciate the sleek interior and clean displays of well-stocked shelves in this cannabis dispensary, along with a curated selection in every category. Attentive, enthusiastic cannabis consultants stand ready with suggestions and information. 

A medical and recreational cannabis dispensary, Buzz Box offers more than 220 medical products and an equal number of recreational options, including 65 choices for extracts alone, along with daily specials on several customer favorites.

Brands include Higher Cultures, Happy Cabbage Farms, Drop Science, Artifact Extracts, Hapy Kitchen, Sterling Gold and many more, with a menu that is searchable by brand, weight, price, category, lineage, or THC potency.

Open seven days a week from 10am until 8pm, Buzz Box also has an option for customers to sign up for their newsletter to receive special cannabis offers right in their inbox on a regular basis.

As to the name of this cannabis dispensary, the Buzz Box distortion pedal was built to emulate the guitar tone of “King Buzzo” of the Melvins – a true pioneer of the early Pacific Northwest grunge scene. Handmade in PDX, Buzz Box approaches cannabis with the same passion, authenticity, and resilience that the Pacific Northwest was built on. Their goal is to facilitate informed customer experiences unique to Portland, by connecting loyal citizens with the best cannabis products their beloved state has to offer.


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