Best Cannabis Dispensary in Portland

Cannabis is legal in Oregon for both medical and recreational use. The Oregon Health Authority allows adults aged 21 and older to possess and consume cannabis for recreation within specified limits, and the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act allows medical use of cannabis for qualifying medical conditions.

The data from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission highlights that combined adult-use and medical sales of cannabis increased nearly 40% and topped $1.1 billion across the state in 2020. The reported spike in sales in Portland, even during the pandemic, highlights the demand for the product among the masses.

Are you a native or a visitor in Portland? Are you new to cannabis or a well-versed cannabis consumer? In both cases, Buzz Box is the one-stop shop for you. This leading cannabis dispensary in Portland is dedicated to helping its customers with the right cannabis products.

Buzz Box

Both medical and recreational menus include products from the lineage of Indica, Sativa, hybrid, and CBD. While the THC potency of cannabis can range between 0% and 91%, CBD potency can range between 0% and 47% based on the consumer’s requirement. The variety is available in extract, flower, edible, vape, pre-roll, tincture and topical categories.

In addition to that, the recreational menu offers special discounts such as 20% off on all Higher Cultures, 20% off on Rosin (Happy Cabbage and Decibel), 30% off on Fruity Pebbles, 30% off on LA Kush Cake, and 30% off on Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Buzz Box curates its products from a pool of high-quality brands, including Higher Cultures, Laurie + Marie Jane, Meraki Gardens, Hapi Kitchen, Artifact Extracts, among many more, and warrants the lowest prices in town.

Both medical and recreational products can be procured online and at their brick and mortar store located at 6611 SE Powell Blvd. in Portland. The variety can be filtered based on prices ranging from ‘less than $20’ to ‘$80 and above’ and customer reviews and ratings are shown for a better consumer experience.

With a wide variety of medical and recreational products under the same roof, Buzz Box is determined to be the best cannabis dispensary in town, with its doors opened both for newbies as well as seasoned consumers.


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