An In-Depth Guide on Cannabis Dispensary

A cannabis dispensary or a shop is a location at which cannabis/marijuana products and accessories are sold. Customers will find two types of dispensaries- medical and recreational. In the United States, depending on local laws and regulations, medical cannabis dispensaries typically cater to patients 18 years and older, while recreational cannabis dispensaries typically cater to adult customers 21 years and older.

Why is it Called a Dispensary?

In most places, dispensaries are the main place used to refer to locations that dispensed medical supplies or medications. As such, a typical cannabis dispensary sells a wide range of cannabis products; including, vapes, flowers, edibles, drinkables, concentrates, and much more. In simple words, a cannabis dispensary functions more or less like a retailer selling products in any other consumer space.

How do Cannabis Dispensaries get Their Weed?

Here are the two major ways cannabis dispensaries get their weed.

1. Grow their own

Some of the cannabis dispensaries have long been associated with marijuana growing operations. Such dispensaries are more like farm-to-table weed shops as they exclusively sell products they grow on their property. One of the exciting features of such dispensaries is that they are a class above as the shop decor tends to be more refined, and product lines are cohesive and intensely aesthetic.

2. Buy from Growers

Growing weed can be quite complex than running a retail cannabis store. Thus, most dispensaries do not enter into cannabis cultivation operations. Instead, they like to procure weed from producers like commercial growers, edible bakeries, and manufacturers, among others. A well-established cannabis dispensary will build good relationships with producers and growers. It will help them get products at a discounted price and ultimately sell products to consumers at the best price.

How to Choose a Cannabis Dispensary?

Where and how the cannabis is grown affects the product’s purity, price, and effects on consumers. Hence, you need to choose the right cannabis dispensary. A good cannabis dispensary will have a broad product catalog, reasonably priced, and a quick shopping process. Buzz Box is an independent medical, and recreational cannabis dispensary helping people in Portland find the right cannabis products to fit their needs.

Whether you are new to cannabis, or a well-versed consumer, Buzz Box is the right cannabis dispensary that takes extra care in curating a wide selection of high-quality products, all of which are guaranteed to be offered at the lowest prices in Portland.


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