4 Questions to Ask for Find a New Great Portland Cannabis Dispensary

Portland is filled with cannabis dispensaries – but how do you find the one that’s a good fit for you? There are many different aspects to consider, so here are some thoughts to keep in mind as you evaluate cannabis candidates. If you have a regular cannabis dispensary you’re visiting, it’s always good to see how they are measuring up as well, so you know if it’s time to look around Portland and consider switching to a different cannabis dispensary.

How knowledgeable are the budtenders?

While this may not seem like an important detail, it can really help you save time and money. They can help guide you in the right direction with products, answer questions, and introduce you to new options you may not have considered on your own. If you’re a regular, they can also set aside your favorites, especially if it’s something that’s in demand. If they’re just order takers, it might be time to consider a different cannabis dispensary in Portland.

Are the specials and deals relevant to you?

If a lot of the daily cannabis deals or specials for the Portland dispensary you visit are on products that aren’t relevant to you, perhaps it’s worth considering another whose offerings line up better with what you want. Over time, the right cannabis specials and deals can save you a lot of money.

Is the cannabis dispensary being maintained well?

Perhaps things were bright and shiny when the cannabis dispensary you frequent in Portland first opened up, but has it stayed that way? Have things gotten a little dusty? Is it being restocked as frequently? Is the product as fresh as it was in the beginning? Operators of cannabis dispensaries can get busy, lose focus, have high turnover, or perhaps delegate to team members too much, and the result can be a cannabis dispensary with slipping standards. Be sure your favorite Portland cannabis dispensary is continuing to value every customer and paying attention to the details.

Is it the same products all the time or are new cannabis items being introduced to your dispensary?

It’s great that your favorite Portland cannabis dispensary stocks your favorites, but it’s also nice when they source and bring in new items for you to sample. It adds to the experience and let you potentially find some you like even better. At the very least, it demonstrates a commitment to customer experience.


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